Detailed blueberries


Gorgeous detailed castle and grounds.

Castle Windows

Little owls and cats stare out a castle window at a stary sky.

Christmas Feast

These one of a kind super detailed earrings feature a clay sculpted scene within a stone window frame. One window shows a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree and the other a Magical Christmas feast.


Gorgeous Flying Dragons with sparkly wings. Buy on Etsy


Cute little Mandrakes in their pots. Buy on Etsy.

Owl Books

Tiny owls sitting a top little stacks of books. Buy on Etsy.

Owl Post

Beautiful Snowy Owls delivering the mail. Buy on Etsy

Precious Pigs

Sweet little pigs with yellow rose crowns.

Purple Flowers

Detailed purple rose arrangements dangling from purple circles.


Succulents in cute planters.

Succulent Hoops

Gorgeous hand sculpted succulent arrangement hung on metal teardrops.

White Poppies

Lovely white poppies on a light pink backdrop.